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Customer Testimonial

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 by Steve Clark
Excited about Central Boiler

My wife and I moved into our new house out in the country last September. There was no gas lines… the houses either had propane or a heat pump. Neither one of us ever had an electric heat pump. The people we spoke with said they were efficient. We were happy at first, our electric bill wasn’t too bad, but once we moved the thermostat to heat… we were in for a big surprise. Our monthly bills were over 400.00 a month… and that was with the thermostat set at 68. We were miserable and so was our dog. It was so cold; we lit the fireplace and moved our mattress to the living room just to keep warm through the night. I decided enough was enough and I contacted Central Broiler for more information. I received a phone call and my wife and I went to see what these outdoor units were all about. We met Chad and were happy with the information and the equipment/units that he showed us. He was very detailed in explaining how the units work. He answered all of our questions and was very patient and professional. It was a no brainer for us, we needed and wanted one. A couple weeks later, Chad and Tim installed the unit. We couldn’t believe the difference! The heat was much warmer and our water hotter. Best of all, our electric bill went clear down to 70.00 a month. I couldn’t believe the difference this unit made. My family is now warm which makes me happy. I highly recommend this to everyone.

 by Jim
Money Saver

I dont write reviews but I wanted to on my Central Boiler. I have a very old farm house built around 1870 with 4300 sq. ft. The Propane was killing me when I filled up every time. I was using around $5,200.00 dollars a heating season. After I got my Central Boiler put in I started to really see the difference. I was getting free hot water and heating the house for 1/5 of the propane cost. My dealer was one of the best around (they need more like him) and everything went so nice and smooth. I was very, very happy. I had him install my Boiler for me and Im glad I did because if there was a problem he would work till it was fixed Right. I have a 6048 and I love it. Thank you Chad for a great job..

 by russell simpson
Worth Every Penny

After 12 years of propane and heat pump heating our 3000 sq. ft. house we installed a 6048 classic. The house is very warm, the hot water is outstanding and we are heating my shop also. The folks at Wood Furnaces of Ohio are very knowledgeable, have all the parts, and were very helpful to me because I did the install myself. We are looking forward to many years of cold winters with no propane bills. .Simpsons Clark County

 by Tom Cecil
Very Happy

My wife and I remodeled an old farm house in 2005, we have been heating with propane since then. We decided to install a central boiler this summer, it is a Maxim M250 corn and pellet furnace. We are also heating my farm shop, and hot water. Could not be more satified, good heat and all the hot water we need, and I mean hot water. Could not have had a better dealer experience. Very knowledgeable and a great installation. Thanks Wood Furnaces of Ohio.

 by Greg & Denise
Wonderful Investment

My husband and I moved in with my in laws who are 94 and 93 year old. The house we moved into has electric heat, last winter which was very mild we paid 400+ in electric bills. We were not looking forward to 800 and above heating bills. With the central boiler we are starting our winter heating bill with a 57 dollar bill (lowest we have had since we were just working on the house) and October was as cool as some of the winter months last year when we paid 300+ in heating bills. Our house is 76 degrees and has been since we had the furnace installed. Installation was very professional and I would highly recommend this dealer to all my family and friends. The 6048 central boiler is one of the best investments we have made.

 by KB
Central Boiler

We have an 8 year old 3-story home with approximately 4,300 square feet that has been heated by propane heat. Anyone that heats with this type of fuel knows that the cost continues to increase and the consumer is at the mercy of the supplier. Well, we made the decision to install a new Central Boiler furnace, a 6048 model to replace our propane and also add heat to our barn. There is much to say about having control of your money and realizing such a tremendous savings. The heat is warm, always consistently delivered throughout the house and unbelievably economical. That’s not all because in addition to “free” heat we also have unlimited hot water! And, I mean “HOT” water. You bet’cha ! Free heat and water! Life is Good!

We did not have all the funds necessary to pay for this unit but with the easy to use financing options we were able to purchase the unit, have it paid for in 4 years, at a rate far less than what the propane was costing us and then the next 20 plus years we will enjoy the warmth “free of all costs”! No question about it – we made a wise decision and we love it!

P.S. Wood Furnaces of Ohio is an exceptional company to deal with. Knowledgeable, honest and trustworthy! Not many companies today offer this type of service.

Sincerely, K.B., Clark County, Ohio.

 by Andrea
Worth the Investment

When my husband and I first began discussing the installation of a Central Boiler Outdoor wood furnace I was skeptical. I am often nerveous and unsure of spending money. However, I will gladly admit that I am superbly happy that we made the investment in our Central Boiler Classic 6048 unit. We have saved money on fuel oil, we have unlimited hot water, and the unit is efficient and easy to maintain. We were also ecstatic about our dealer and installation. Wood Furnaces of Ohio were professional and very well informed about their products. They are easy to contact for parts and always return phone calls in a prompt manner. What a great product and investment. I would highly recommend looking in to installing a Central Boiler wood furnace.